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The impact of COVID-19 is forcing many small businesses to evaluate their future. We have solutions to help you restructure and refocus your marketing activities or even out-source them, allowing you to concentrate on your core business skills.

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Times are always challenging for small companies and this is especially true as the impact of COVID-19 forces many businesses to re-evaluate their future.

Most established small companies will have invested significant time & money to build their business in the first place. They have customers, expertise, stock and most likely a passion for what they do.

Before cashing all of that in, we think it is worth taking a look at the way your business delivers its products / services, and how it goes about finding new customers. Here are some options:

1. Make the most of Free Marketing Resources

No one knows your company like you do, but you may not have money to spend on marketing. While this is not an ideal position, it is surprising how many free-of-charge marketing resources are available for those who are able and willing to do some work themselves.

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2. A new approach to Lead Generation 

Your company is already well established. It most likely has customers, products, expertise and a website. However is there enough business coming in?

We can help you implement some easy and cost-effective steps to increase your revenues. The goal is to create enough new business so that you have the flexibility to make more lucrative marketing investments on the journey to a more prosperous future.

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3. Rejuvenation & Restructuring

When the business environment is difficult it may be better for you to focus on your core competencies and key customers. We can help you hone your value proposition and build the messaging that helps with outreach to both existing and new clients.

In other cases, out-sourcing some competencies can be a highly cost-effective strategy. We bring our expertise and experience to deliver on any or all of your digital marketing and content creation needs.

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4. High RoI Marketing

This is typically applicable to businesses that have a steady flow of sales and are looking to drive growth to the next level or to launch new product lines. We help build streamlined marketing strategies that fully leverage your online presence and allow you to engage more comprehensively with new and existing customers alike. Our focus is consistently on maximising the RoI for the marketing spend that you are prepared to make. For example, if you spend $1 on marketing and get $1.50 back in profit, why would you limit the money that you put into marketing?

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