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Sales leads are the life-blood of any business. Learn how we can leverage your social media connections to generate new leads.

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When you have made the most of the free marketing resources available to you, the next step on the path is using organic lead generation to achieve the sales growth that will allow you to expand your marketing budget.

Below we outline a simple 3-phase process that leverages the web presence of your business and your LinkedIn profile to best effect:

Phase 1: Discovery & Campaign Design

Review company assets & collateral to understand the business goals, target customer segments, brand positioning, competitive landscape etc. This phase includes:

  • Consultancy.
  • Training.
  • LinkedIn profile review.
  • LinkedIn company page.
  • Website review.
  • Listing on B2Bgig.

The information gathering above allows us to design the campaign that will be used in Phase 2.

Phase 2: Campaign Execution

Set-up and execution of the campaign defined in Phase 1 as a ‘Done-for-You’ (D-f-Y) service on LinkedIn:

  • Promotion on an existing LinkedIn account.
  • Weekly progress and consultancy call.

The campaign will be refined & adjusted as it progresses.

Phase 3: Targeted High ROI Campaigns (optional)

Use the results from Phase 2 to implement additional high ROI marketing campaigns to drive further growth. These will be contingent on:

  • Sufficient budget – the techniques used (e.g. targeted paid advertising) have high initial costs.
  • The sales and delivery processes are in place.
  • The proposition is ready.

The length of each phase is flexible – it depends as much on your preferences as anything else – but the goal is to build your business revenues so you have the flexibility to employ more Phase 3 elements in your marketing plan.

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